The studio.

Liev Rodríguez is an Architectural and Planning firm established in Marbella, with over 25 years of continuous work in Spain and the Caribbean. The constructions shown here are examples of the three basic areas in which the Studio works: Residential Complexes, Hotels and Free-Standing Buildings.

According to Protagoras “Man is the measure of all things”, and therefore, just as important as the skill for dreaming up spaces, is the Architect’s capacity to imagine human situations. That architecture is simply the arrangement of space for the wellbeing and happiness of Man.

In short, in order to overcome the dissociation between Thought and Feelings, the Concept of Architecture came into being. And when this idea synthesizes the very foundations of Architecture: Function, Skill and Art, is when Architecture turns into light and the wonderful response to the challenge of organising space.

It is also true that, apart from being an Art form, Architecture is Function and Skill; but that is not enough. Architecture is, more than anything else, Culture.

And we do not believe in the possibility of whether universal cultural values exist, therefore, in order to counter generalised homogeneity and uniformity, we propose rescuing what is unique, significant, distinctive, the sign or symbol and, fundamentally, the essence of each place.

Our architectural way of thinking is based on the ontological concept of Architecture, that is to say, its raison d’être: “the continuous endeavour of man for inhabiting space and time”.

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